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            岳春陽2020-10-09 08:29:49










            1.After many years of hard work, today's achievements have finally come from years of hard work. At the university gate, many years of expectations can finally stride forward, far away from other countries. Please take care of your health. I hope you will succeed in your studies and everything will go smoothly.

            2.College new life, I put a drop of sweat into the wishing bottle, the footprints of struggle painted on gold paper, the step by step growth steps left in the photos, one by one sincere blessing written in SMS, I wish you a happy university life forever.

            3.New semester, new weather, new starting point. Farewell to high school and enter the ivory tower of University. I wish you a prosperous study and a good friendship. I have a beautiful mood every day.

            4.We use the sweat of youth, in exchange for the joy of University. The left hand holds the youth, the right hand pulls the dream, the youth grasps the palm, the dream puts the shoulder, the University, I come! I wish Guang University Children with your youth, dream to work hard in the University, to make a breakthrough!

            5.In autumn, the wind is cool and the bell is ringing. Students around the side of the teacher smile full of heart. It is another year to report, happy learning, laughter. Try to learn from HNA today, and succeed in the gold medal list tomorrow. The opening day is coming. May you have a good time.